Aspergers, Religion, and Spirituality?

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Aspergers, Religion, and Spirituality?

Post by jamesscot84 on Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:21 pm

What is the difference between Relgion and Spirituality? Is one the frame while the other a canvas? I have aspergers and I'm female. (Using my bfs account) I was told by more than one Head Doctor that I am incapable of love because I do not understand relationships. As such they also went on to say that most aspergers inflicted people are atheist because they cannot comprehend a relationship with god because we don't comprehend love. Is this true? Is it possible for someone to be incapable of love because something in that persons head just doesn't understand it? On the same note since its not possible for me to be religious because of the "relationship and emotions" factor is it not possible for me to spiritual instead? You can have faith without giving the "higher being" a name or following the pages of a book? To believe in something without a gilded frame? Is it possible? Do you have aspergers? Are you athiest, christian, muslim? Do you think you are more spiritual than religious?


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