Share Trading Beginner?

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Share Trading Beginner?

Post by jamesscot84 on Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:52 pm

I am new to share market. I will soon be opening a demat and trading account with some service provider. I have 2 queries :

1. I have to choose a company with whom I will open my demat and trading a/c.What is the gurantee that the company/organization in which I will open an demat account will not run away and make my investment of years a zero. As far as I know it should be registered with sebi. But is this enough? What if a registered company will become bank corrupt or if the company will run away? what will happen to my investments? What precautions I can take. I dont want to take risk as i will be investing all my savings for years in it.

2.Can I open 2 demat or trading accounts at the same time? Is it legal? Which demat and trading accounts are best in India.I want online trading and facility of ASBA.Someone told me that SBI is a govt. bank so I should open the Demat account with them and trading account with some other
organization. Is this good option?

Hope to get reply to above questions soon.



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