New Bengal kitty, Any tips?

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New Bengal kitty, Any tips?

Post by jamesscot84 on Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:30 am

I got my baby Basil about two weeks ago.
We're having lots of fun! He's 13 weeks and , and not yet "fixed". He will be getting fixed in June.
He just visited the vet last week for all his check ups and shots.
And he uses his litter box tons! Eats and drinks a lot. But something weird happened the other night. We were baby sitting dogs for a friend for a couple weeks before I got Basil, and they did sit on both sofas a lot.
The other night I spilled some water on the couch, before it dried up Basil sometime when I wasn't watching the couch went over to the wet spot and peed in it!
I took vinegar and baking soda to it, the smell is very faint now, I'll have to re vinegar the spot once more.
But then the next morning, he went onto the other sofa while I was making breakfast and peed on that one!
I almost wonder if he is spraying rather than peeing because I know the dogs sat on our couches often.
From what I can SMELL and SEE he hasn't done it since and its been a few days.
My other kitty has been staying at a friends while Basil got to scope out the place freely without her threat and is coming back next week. Hopefully he doesn't start this back up again.
Any tips to help keep him from peeing on furniture again?

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