IPOD integration KIT for MB?

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IPOD integration KIT for MB?

Post by jamesscot84 on Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:29 pm

Is it worthwhile getting this ?? I have heard problems like extraneous noises, not user friendly diaplay of music etc, any exeprience ?? I currently have I trip in my mazda (not the best sound but can deal with it) but now changing cars and have this optionthank you for the response, can you tell how much should IPOD integration cost (instrument + installation) ??Question to Hans - what is this aux jack , where is is located and is is ready to use for ipod , my dealer is charging 600/- for IPOD integration, I am glad to hear there is another option (other than itrip or pay for IPOD integration)CLK 350, 2007, it does not have navigation.it has premium 1 & sports appearance packFor Hans - thanks. This car does not have AUX jack and cinch connector is 15/- but its installation charge will be 250/- . What do you think ?? can I do it myselfIt sure sounds simple, not 2 hrs job, but since I have no experience I am rather reluctant to do it myself! any car handy man can do it ??
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