MBPro Web Design programs?

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MBPro Web Design programs?

Post by mirsha2012 on Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:29 pm

Im on a 2011 base model 13" MB Pro with external displays but I find Photoshop unpleasent to do design work on. Slower responsiveness and occasional beach balls.

If Adobe rents Fireworks, is this worth a try? Im going to be working on this 13" base MB Pro for awhile because I freelance on the road so I cant change my platform BUT Im willing to learn fireworks if its a much more lightweight program compared to photoshop. Ive tried pixelmator, and it runs just fine but it has soo many bugs I can't begin to think about using it for real client work.

I was thinking maybe using illustrator for real design work (I prefer working with code and stay away from design when I have a choice) but often I do a lot of designing. And renting Fireworks for the web design aspect. What do you guys think? Anybody tried this?


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