Can a teacher make a student buy their own school supplies?

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Can a teacher make a student buy their own school supplies?

Post by mirsha2012 on Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:24 pm

My maths teacher, last week, asked the class if they would like to purchase a past paper booklet. Most of the class bought one but about 5 of us did not. Me being one of the five. About a week later when she was giving them out she then said to the class that the time had passed to buy them. Then at the end of the lesson she said to the class to bring the booklets in everyday because she will be teaching from them. Then she told us that the people who did not buy a booklet were to buy their own. Are teachers allowed to teach from something they're not supplying to the whole class? This question is more specifically about Scotland but any answers will do.


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