Me & my friend are moveing to Maadi in 6 months 3 weeks. But ..?

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Me & my friend are moveing to Maadi in 6 months 3 weeks. But ..?

Post by mirsha2012 on Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:01 pm

i am 19 and my friend is 21 we have never been There befor.
But my friend chelsey has friends in libya(one of them are egyptian) who will be coming over to egypt the week after we get their (they wont be Living with us or anything she just knows them and they said they will show us to people and help us speak arabic). But we are going over their in 6weeks because they man who is renting the place to us wants to see us? or else he wont rent it to us he said he will pay for the flights and we can stay in his family's house for a week and then we go back to ireland.. he knows how to speak good english we were talking to him on the webcam.
But he thinks my friend is a lesbian because she is 21 and not married and he said he doesn't allow lesbian into his family home (because its a sin or something?) and that i can stay and chelsey my friend can stay in a near by hotel. Advise? Smile


Rent in Maadi

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