Gundam Plastic Competition(BAKUC) and ACF on 15 Nov

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Gundam Plastic Competition(BAKUC) and ACF on 15 Nov

Post by kenshiu on Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:39 am

haha..sry for keep it too long..coz i feel lazy nid to upload all..hahaha..tat day i went wif KS and Beta...haha,we enjoy alot and bought sumthing Gundam stuff Very Happy ...haha..There are some competitor's work quite nice which i really wan to thumb up...

Here are those display in BAKUC at Sg.Wang..

Today post tis much...Enjoy 1st... hamsap ...still got some secret weapon..haha,tml will post up more...haha..must gv a clap 4 me 1st ony i will post others mah
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