Forum updates!!

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Forum updates!!

Post by AniMaC Admin on Sun Feb 01, 2009 6:39 am

Dear all members,

Due to the increasing of publicity needs, I have decided to do a survey on the codes on social bookmarking, Facebook groups/ Facebook page and members request on a few add-on on their profiles...finally here is the UPDATES!!! Very Happy


AniMaC Forum goes Social bookmarking!
--> what's that?The main idea is to save bookmarks of this site via online so when you format your computer or laptop or even go traveling or not in your house, you still can get on track on the forum! This includes digg, google, and many more!!!

AniMaC Forum goes RSS reeds!
Well, this is to keep on track on the updates on the forum, you can paste your reeds on your blogs!!

Here is the snapshot! (These were located at the portal section andit was at the right side)

2nd!! Your profile is just updated a few new codes and widgets!

So whats that? Well, I added a few new personalizations that may be fun If you want to change your mood, what type of OS you are using etc, more coming soon!!

Once you save these settings, your profile while posting will be like this:

Finally and the last one!

AniMaC fan page was sussecfully created on facebook!

Yea, some of you may know there is a group for AniMaC but now AniMaC is already registered as a GROUP PAGE!! So now all members can become Fans of AniMaC, open to public!!

HERE are the screenshots:

Join the fan today? You can see this button again at the portal left side and the other 2 blogs ^^
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