Project Slingshot : Phase 2

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Project Slingshot : Phase 2

Post by kyonnisan on Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:18 pm

Hey guys,
GACC 2010 wil be held in Melaka again this 20th and 21th of march. There are some details :

Stay tuned to for the latest info on competitions, doujin booths and atractions. Forums and rules and registrations will be up this Friday.

Ocha( and EMiNA Japanese Animation Club will be our affiliates for GACC.
Official updates will be on EMiNA and and Ocha will features some insider info
running to the event.

Events and Competitions
The Cosplay Competitions will be on as usual together with gundam, and PlayStation 3 games.
Direct your browsers to this Friday for details.
People interested in performing for GACC can contacts us at

Publicity and Public Relations
Please be advise that all official GACC information will be posted by committee members who will identify
themselves. If in doubt, please refer to our website or contact us at
Our web development team is not our publicity team.

This sections will be updated....later.

The GACC committee does not endorse the acts of certain people who trolled you guys.
That said, it was pretty funny. Disciplinary action will be taken against them.

Muhammad Amar Makrof
Head of Publicity
GACC 2010
EMiNA Japanese Animations Club

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