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Sports & Rehabilitation

Post by gaunpro on Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:01 am

Sports & Rehabilitation

The Ultim8 Vibration Plate works according to the super-compression method- movement, rest and repetition. This results in improved performance. The vibrations transferred by the Ultim8 Vibration Plate to the body, with a frequency between 30 and 50 vibrations per second, are converted into energy. The stretch reflex responses make the muscles work hard. A shorter training and less pressure has more effect than other training equipment.

With the Ultim8 Vibration Plate, muscle strength increases by up to 30% more than with other power training and in 85% less time. Due to its lower impact workout and shorter training time, the joints, ligaments and tendons are put under less pressure. Research has shown that tendons, fascia and connective tissue are manipulated by intermittent stretching. This relieves adhesions. Within a short space of time, the Ultim8 Vibration Plate achieves very favourable results.

In rehabilitation situations, the Ultim8 Vibration Plate can be used very early on due to its low impact training. The benefits and results also have a preventive action regarding the functioning of the whole healing system. Furthermore training on the Ultim8 Vibration Plate during in rehabilitation can be maintained for longer as it takes less time and requires less effort. As a result of the wide range of training and the experiences of top athletes, the Ultim8 Vibration Plate has been very successful.

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