Chinese Rhubarb

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Chinese Rhubarb

Post by gaunpro on Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:49 pm

Essential Herbs in Colon Cleanse Supplements

Taking good care of our body is not just keeping it clean on the outside. In fact, a healthy person is someone whose bodily systems function well and whose immune system is strong enough to combat illnesses. One of the essential ways of pampering our internal body system is to regularly cleanse our colons. The main purpose of a colon cleanse is to detoxify our body from toxic and chemical substances that are responsible for improper digestion and elimination of fecal matter from our system.

Colon cleanse can be performed in many ways. You can do it at home with the use of colon cleansing homemade products. You can also opt to take herbal colon cleanse supplements found in the market. For you to know what makes these supplement products effective, let us learn the different herbs that play a crucial role in colon cleansing.


As a common herbal treatment, psyllium contains mucilage, a type of fiber, which functions to absorb water in our digestive tract. When present in the system, it causes the intestinal walls to contract, makes stool bulky and releases these fecal matter smoothly.

Cascara Sagrada

This type of laxative is widely used in herbal colon cleansing products. The presence of a compound called anthraquinones triggers contraction in the colon. When the intestinal lining starts to contract, it gives the urge for a bowel movement. Cascara sagrada is also known to increase muscle strength in the colon which prevents constipation.


Much like cascara sagrada, senna also contains the compounds anthraquinones that are responsible for making our intestines contract, leading to an urge for bowel movement. These compounds can be found in the leaves and pods of the herbal plant which also act as powerful and strong laxatives. After taking the colon cleansing supplement, expect to have bowel movements that can take place every 6 to 12 hours.

Aloe Leaf

Aloe vera plant has been popular for treating skin conditions. But donít you know that it is also good as a colon cleanser? An essential component in the plant called aloe latex functions to help in the detoxification process. Ground aloe leaf latex makes a powerful herbal laxative in clearing out toxins form our colon.

Chinese Rhubarb

Two essential compounds anthraquinones and tannins are present in this herb. Tannins are very effective in treating diarrhea and help lessen inflammation in our colon.

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