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Detailing The Implementation Of The Ordinance On Entry, Exit And Residences In Vietnam
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Decree No 21/2001/ND/CP Of May 28, 2001 : Detailing The Implementation Of The Ordinance On Entry, Exit And Residences In Vietnam

- Pursuant to the Law on Organization of the Government of September 30,1992

- Pursuant to the April 28, 2000 Ordinance on Entry, Exit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam.

- At the proposal of the Minister of Public Security.


1. This Decree prescribes the procedure applicable to foreigners who enter, exit, transit and/or reside in Vietnam, the invitation of foreigners into Vietnam by agencies, organizations and individuals, the responsibilities of and working coordination among the State functional bodies.

2. This decree shall also apply to Vietnamese bearing foreign passports who enter, exit, transit and/ or reside in Vietnam. The application by Vietnamese bearing foreign passports for repatriation to Vietnam shall comply with the provisions of other legal documents.

Article 2

Foreigners may travel freely on Vietnamese territory in accordance with the already registered entry purposes, except for areas banned from travel by foreigners as prescribed in article 12 of this Decree.

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