Stains, Dirt, Sand, Pet Hair? The Indy Clean Team out of Indianapolis Indiana will get your carpets looking new again.

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Stains, Dirt, Sand, Pet Hair? The Indy Clean Team out of Indianapolis Indiana will get your carpets looking new again.

Post by tailocdacnien on Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:58 am

“We go the distance for you!” Established in 1985, GAMA Tours, Inc. became one of the largest tour operators to Israel in North America. Over 20 years of hard work and dedication on the part of our staff and associates have resulted in the most unique travel planner. Gama Tours -the handsle a variety of missions to Israel and other destinations. Our ability and buying power with air and land makes our fares attractive and affordable to other organizations as well. We specialize in Bar/ Bat Mitzvah and Family tour programs. Our ability to create a fully customized, custom tailored, Bar / Bat Mitzvah program for your family is second to none.Gama Tours places an outstanding 20 years of experience and market knowledge at your service!
Why Gama Tours
With features that no other tour operator provides, Gama Tours, Inc. is leading the tour market to Israel in both the content of its tours and the satisfaction of its travelers. Our ultimate goal is to provide families with an unforgettable experience that is both spiritual and fun. We designed our tours with every member of RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL CARPET CLEANING

We use the latest equipment and techniques in carpet cleaning to make sure your carpet is cleaned correctly the first time and looks as close to new as possible. With kids, pets, food, and outdoor items all around our carpets are a magnet for stains, dirt, and debris, we at Indy Clean Team work hard to get your carpet cleaned of these materials.

Indy Clean Team takes the frustration out of having your carpets cleaned. We set the appointment around your schedule, move all the furniture for you, and don’t require you to vacuum the floors beforehand.

We also do not try to up-sell you with services you don't need, or charge extra for heavily soiled areas. Our trucks are equipped with storage tanks for dispersing and recovering the water and soap that we use for your home. We will not need to hook into your homes hose or sewer line to clean your carpet, in most cases.

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