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Left for Dead (Demo)

Post by LeeRain on Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:18 am

Just played the demo for Left for Dead..... was not expecting to like the game but well I did.

The storyline as I can see it is that you and your 3 mates are in a city of mutated zombies and you are armed to your teeth with weapons spread all over the place along with numerous things that go bang.
You have a target area to get to where apparently the good guys will air lift you and any survivors out..... why there are zombies.... why you are so well armed with guns all over... who knows.... just except it and start killing.

Graphically the game is nothing speial.... but is more than exceptable.... the lighting is very good (we will cover that later).

Sound wise it is fun and creepy all at the same time.... hearing little groans and screams are great for setting the atmosphere.

Game play is basically move about and kill anything that looks kinda dead already hehehehehehe the whole point of this game is team play... you play as one of the group of four either with the other three as AI or as on line or buddies. You look after each others backs and help them as and when they need help from all manner or special zombies.
Special zombies!!!! some are your ordinary run of the mill zombies... the undead with bad skin and even badder breath.... and then some are smokers... these when killed give off toxic gas that if you stay in it makes you cough and dizzy and generally unwell.... then you have Boomers..... big gi-huge zombies that vomit a goo that attracts other zombies... also they explode when you shoot them.... then there are these nasty things that send out tentacles that drag you away and your team mates have to rescue you.... as i said team game is VERY important in this game.

Now the game is dark and sinister and set in dark buildings etc so at times the only light you have is a flash light... a small beam of light in the dark.... you enter a room hear a faint zombie like grown and you have to start looking for the zombie you walk about and find nothing then turn around and your flash light picks up your new undead friend that wants to chew on your throat... jumped outta me skin I did....

Now the zombies are normally very slow and docile... shuffling along like some extra out of the Thriller video... as all zombies should be.... but these ones have obviously not read the zombie hand book on Does and Don't of the undead... as these guys run faster than a gazelle running faster than it normally does.
And then there is the amount of them... the odd four or five are easy to handle but you have HORDES of the zombies coming at you... hell the screen even warns you that setting off sensitive car alarms will attracted the horde... so I shot a car and the alarm went off.... OMG... bloody hundreds of the rascals came scampering over to obviously say hi. Mayhem then moves in and a blood bath ensues.
Again as in team play you have to watch your teams backs and they yours... when you reload they step forward to help and vicky verky. This is the first game I have seen where the team emphasis is that important.

The gore content is high and although I said the graphics are nothing special the gore is fun.... a zombie at close range with a shotty is nothing short of a splatter.

The weapons (in the demo) consist of pistols (unlimited ammo) which are cool but require multiple shoots to drop zombies... you can use two akimbo which is cool. A normal shotty which is great for crowd control but a bugger to reload.... a sub-machine gun which sprays death everywhere... assault rifle which is way cool but eats bullets... a sniper rifle that you can also use without the scope... and my fav so far is the military shotty.. rapid firing death but so slow to reload.

So to sum up... a team blaster with gore.... cool


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