Tomb Raider Legend

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Tomb Raider Legend

Post by LeeRain on Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:19 am

[SIZE="2"]Tomb Raider: Legend (Released 2006)[/SIZE]

This game is the prequel to the new Tomb Raider: Underworld (2008) Which involves Lara Croft going back to the her past when she was a child. When her mother and her found a sword in a stone known as a Dias. She witnessed a horrible end to her mother's life, or so she thought.

She starts off by going to Bolivia in search of her friend Anaya Imanu after she mentions a Stone Dias located there. She eventually finds out that it is a piece of the sword she found when she was nine years old with her mother, all while fighting off mercs that are looking for the stone dias as well under the command of James Rutland, also a tomb raider. Unfortunately James had discovered the piece first. Then on goes an amazing adventure into Lara's past. The game visits many lush enviroments and spectacular scenes.

All in all, in my opinion i find this game really amazing for a puzzle adventure. It is the seventh Tomb Raider game to come but the first to use a whole new game engine to revamp the series. Setting a whole new standard for the Tomb Raider games. In my opinion i think this game is the start of an amazing story and uses very nice elements graphics wise and plot wise. Also there are other cool features to the game such as being able to play around in Lara Croft's Manor. You are also able to run through the levels once they are beaten to do a Time Trial to unlock other cool features. These are cheats and alternate costumes. When you finish a level at firs tyou are able to use that costume but there are others you get from doing time trials.

[SIZE="2"]Graphics: 8/10 - Very nice effects but not the very best.
Audio: 10/10 - Was never a problem with audio in the game.
Storyline: 8/10 - Very good plot and story elements.

[SIZE="4"]Overall: 9/10[/SIZE]

Written by x.oxidious.x

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