Gorodetsky bought

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Gorodetsky bought

Post by kimerajamm on Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:59 pm

The House with Chimaeras was designed by the architect Vladislav Gorodetsky in 19011902.[1] Gorodetsky was born in 1863 into a prosperous Polish szlachta family in the Podillia region.[5] After finishing the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg in 1890, he moved to Kiev, where he lived for almost 30 years.[5] At the time of the building's construction, Gorodetsky had already established himself as a prominent Kiev architect, having designed many city buildings, from the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral to the Karaim Kenesa and what today is the National Art Museum of Ukraine. Besides architecture, Gorodetsky was also interested in big-game hunting, which explains why his building features many animals.

Gorodetsky financed the house's construction with borrowed money,[1][6] with the intent for it to be an apartment building.[7][8] Each floor formed a single apartment, connected by an elevator and stairs.[b] Gorodetsky himself occupied the fourth floor of the building, measuring at about 380 m2 (4,100 sq ft).[7][c]

Gorodetsky bought the first lot of land on February 1, 1901, with construction work commencing on March 18 of that year. Construction of the exterior walls was finished by August 21, and the roof installed and all masonry work was completed on September 13.[7][8] Due to the economic hardships within the Russian Empire, the completion of the building was delayed. In May 1903, only one apartment on the lowest level and Gorodetsky's own apartment were occupied.[7] The total cost of the land and construction amounted to 133,000 rubles.[a] In total, 1,550 m2 (16,700 sq ft) of land were used for construction of the building and cost a total of 15,640 rubles.[6] The projected annual profit from the rentals was 7,200 rubles. A cowshed was located on the premises due to Gorodetsky's insistence on fresh in-house milk,[1][8] though it was specifically placed in a way that the smell of the cows would not disturb the tenants. On a lot adjacent to the building, a miniature alpine garden (approx. 320 m2/3,400 sq ft) and a fountain were built

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