A second legend

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A second legend

Post by kimerajamm on Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:06 pm

Throughout the years, the unusual nature of the House with Chimaeras has given rise to a number of stories occasionally repeated in guide-books or newspapers, which are however either untrue or lacking any verifiable source.

According to the first legend, Vladislav Gorodetsky's daughter had committed suicide jumping into Dnieper River either because of some unfortunate love affair or because of a family feud.[i] As a result, Gorodetsky went slightly mad and built this gloomy house in his daughter's memory.[21] These stories have no foundation in truth.[22]

A second legend has it that Gorodetsky made a bet with some other architects, including the architect Alexander Skobelev, who had tried to prove that was impossible to build a house on such terrain, because the site (near the Ivan Franko Theater) overhangs a swamp (Koz’ye boloto). The Construction Committee of Kiev had prohibited construction of any structures on this particular lot, but eventually the construction of the building allowed Gorodetsky to win the bet.[21]

According to the third legend, Gorodetsky had cursed the house when forced to leave it in 1913 (due to his inability to repay his creditors); all of the house's tenants would be either unhappy or would meet some sort of financial misfortune. There is a story that all the businesses who rented a portion of the building either went bankrupt, had their funds stolen or were disbanded

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